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TerraDesk | Eco-Friendly Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk by EFFYDESK

TerraDesk | Eco-Friendly Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk by EFFYDESK

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Join a greener and sustainable future with our fully adjustable standing desk made from 10,854 recycled chopsticks. The Terradesk is from Terradesk's Closed Loop Collection in partnership with ChopValue. 
As seen featured in Business Insider for their mission to renew recycled chopsticks into sustainable products — Vancouver local businesses EFFYDESK (Canada's top-rated standing desk company) and ChopValue (Canada's recycled materials furniture design and manufacturing company) are proud to announce an exciting partnership which paves the path for a brighter, greener future for all through impact-driven, recycled home products.
The TerraDesk proudly features an innovative engineered material is handcrafted through a process that is entirely carbon-negative. This means you are storing more carbon than the entire process creates, making this desk not only beautiful but great for the planet: Made by Micro-factory - ChopValue's local factory serves the community by using locally available resources to minimize environmental and carbon footprints. The engineered materials are uniformly created by heat, steam and pressure and use a water-based performance resin from the automotive industry. It's fully recyclable end-of-life and non-toxic. The most environmental option and state of the art when it comes to engineering. No two tabletops are the same. The process of the expert craftsmanship involved allows for variation in each piece, making your desk one of a kind.

Why is EFFYDESK'S TerraDesk"better?" 

Here's what makes our TerraDesk the #1 sit-stand desk choice for eco-conscious shoppers:
- Do good, feel good as a conscious-minded consumer.
- Commercial-grade quality made from sustainable materials. 
Each Butcher Block tabletop is hand-made from 10,854 recycled chopsticks.
- Your purchase helps to reduce eco-waste and repurpose items, creating more value for both your home office and the environment.
A 10-year manufacturer's warranty is included with each purchase, satisfaction guaranteed.
- As industry leaders in Canada working collectively towards a zero-waste, circular economy, our mission is to help offer ergonomically-designed, environmentally friendly furniture for desk job workers all across North America.
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