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Clif Family Napa Valley, Certified B Corp Company

Solar Grown™ Cacao Honey Spread

Solar Grown™ Cacao Honey Spread

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There is a bit of sunshine in every jar of Clif Family Solar Grown™ Honey and Honey Spreads. We source our Solar Grown™ honey from responsibly maintained hives located on pollinator-friendly solar farms, multiplying the benefits of clean energy and creating a win-win for the planet and your taste buds. This delicious honey is then gently blended with flavorful spices to create a creamy honey spread.

We suggest stirring into hot tea, spreading onto a warm biscuit or sliced fruit, or using as a unique ingredient in your cooking.

Two simple ingredients come together to create a rich and decadent spread that highlights the complex flavors of cacao balanced with a light touch of sweetness from the honey.

Spread on toast with a sprinkle of sea salt or drizzle on vanilla ice cream.

Size: 5.5oz.


Why is Clif Family Napa Valley "better?" 

With focus and dedication, Clif Family Napa Valley champions organic food & farming, sustainable production, zero waste and conserving & restoring our natural resources.

This commitment has led them to achieve B Corp Certification, joining a team of companies worldwide who are working to make business a force for good.

At Clif Family, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's their compass for creating a better tomorrow, one rooted in balance, respect, and collective action.

All our their facilities and vineyards operate on 100% renewable electricity and they use regenerative farming practices.

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