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Modernized Pottery

Modernized Pottery - SAKURA Planter

Modernized Pottery - SAKURA Planter

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The SAKURA Planter is a testament to minimalist design.

This distinctive planter incorporates gradient lines that rise and fall, creating a captivating visual experience.

Designed for those who appreciate the art of simplicity, the SAKURA Planter seamlessly blends with various aesthetics. Its timeless appeal enhances your home, whether your decor leans modern or traditional.

Your plants and flowers will thrive in the SAKURA Planter, making it a centerpiece that complements the beauty of your greenery.

All of these planters come with a drainage hole to avoid overwatering.

Currently available in navy with a 6 inch diameter, but we expect to be adding more colors soon.

Why is Modernized pottery "better?" 

All of their stunning pottery designs are 100% plant-based made from 60% corn-based bioplastic and 40% recycled wood fibers.

While 3D Printed vases are typically not waterproof, these vases come with a waterproof insert to ensure they can be used with dried & fresh flowers.

Our team is obsessed with how modern, unique, AND functional their pottery is.

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