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La boîte à bonbons

La boîte à bonbons - Sea Turtles - Gummy Candies

La boîte à bonbons - Sea Turtles - Gummy Candies

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Here at La boîte à bonbons, we are committed to supporting causes that speak to us, and sea turtles are no exception!

Discover delicious little turtles with a soft heart that melts in your mouth, and that's all it takes to help us protect little sea turtles!

Every time you eat a little gummy, a turtle says thank you, thanks to our partnership with 1% for the Planet.


Why is c’est BONBON "better?" 

Fun fact about the better made easy team - we took our search for the best gummy candy pretty seriously. 

We wanted to find the freshest, tastiest gummies with delightful branding, vegan options, AND a company that gives back.

c’est BONBON is women-owned and in 2020 they launched a mission-driven line of products that donates 1% of all sales to causes that give back.

Honestly, these are the softest, most delightful gummies our founder Christina has tasted, so we hope you'll love them as much as she does! 

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