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Greyston Bakery

Greyston Bakery Brownies - Snickerdoodle Blondie

Greyston Bakery Brownies - Snickerdoodle Blondie

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While the exact origin of the snickerdoodle is not definitively known, we do know that our blondie gets its distinctive yet subtle molasses-y flavor from a combination of light brown sugar and cinnamon.

You’ll love the taste of this dense and chewy blondie with the amusing name that makes us giggle too. 

Why are Greyston brownies "better?"

Since 1982, Greyston Bakery has been baking the world’s most scrumptious brownies and blondies (the very same ones in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream).

A delicious way to treat yourself or give a gift they'll love, every brownie helps provide a job through Greyston Bakery’s Open Hiring™ policy.

Their brownies are non-GMO, ethically sourced, kosher, and have no preservatives.

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