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Elyse Breanne Design

Elyse Breanne Design - Pressed Floral Notepad, 4x6 in.

Elyse Breanne Design - Pressed Floral Notepad, 4x6 in.

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Our team is in love with this classic black and white floral design. 😍

Make your notes more delightful with these designed notepads.


- 50 sheets

- Full color printed sheets 

- 3M Post-it Note brand adhesive backing

- 60lb. paper

- No magnetic backing


Why is Elyse Breanne Design “better?” 

When it comes to gifting, giving gifts people are actually going to enjoy and use is key. 

Elyse Breanne Design has stunning, unique patterns applied to a number of super useful items you’ll use over and over again. 

As a major added bonus, it is also a local company to our HQ of North Carolina and we love supporting entrepreneurs in our community. 🙌

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