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S'Well Champagne Flute in Calacatta Gold

S'Well Champagne Flute in Calacatta Gold

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This copper design is a classic.

This dipped metallic tumbler keeps wine cold longer, is the perfect accessory to make a Moscow mule "to go," or is a beautiful way to enjoy your next 0% ABV beverage.

Cheers to that, friends! 


Why is S'well "better?" 

S'well started with the belief that something as simple as buying a beautiful reusable bottle or bowl can make a difference.

Every S’well purchased counts towards displacing millions of plastic bottles and also helps us pledge millions of dollars to organizations that help communities around the world.

At S’well, they hope to be a spark for change — the inspiration to live a little more sustainably in an unsustainable world.

Their "Therma S'well technology" keeps drinks colder and hotter for longer, all of their products are condensation-free thanks to their vacuum-insulated stainless steel, and they are BPA/BPS free.

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