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Bull In China

Fine Mesh Strainers by Bull In China

Fine Mesh Strainers by Bull In China

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Fulfilled by our friends at Bull In China

Experience the pleasure of finely strained cocktails with our Premium Fine Mesh Strainer. Expertly crafted for cocktail enthusiasts and professional bartenders, this strainer ensures a smooth, pulp-free pour every time.

It's an essential tool for “double straining” your drink and the last line of defense between your drink and any renegade stems, seeds, ice or other solids.

(Also known as a conical strainer or tea strainer)

Our version has a nice deep cone. Feel free to pour more than one drink at a time through these without the fear of an overflow.

Available in several different finishes: Silver, Gold, Copper, Gunmetal, Rainbow Chrome and Antique Brass

3.5 " diameter

While our silver version is perfectly dishwasher safe, we recommend handwashing any of the other finishes to prolong the life of those coatings.

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