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Bull In China

Bitters Bottles (50ml) by Bull In China

Bitters Bottles (50ml) by Bull In China

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Fulfilled by our friends at Bull In China

Bitters Bottles, dasher bottles... Call them what you like, we have them in stock and ready for you.

In the past, there has been a consistent problem with which type of top to use. The original cork-bottomed style would start with a great seal, until the high proof alcohol inside the bottle would slowly eat away at the cork. This would necessitate constantly purchasing more tops (and usually only replacing them after it was too late).

So what is our answer? We take a threaded steel top designed with just enough room for a snugly fitting rubber washer to create the perfect solution to a bartender’s needs. No more leakage, and no more constant lid replacement. Enjoy!

The caps come in silver, copper, gold, and gunmetal black finishes.

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